Meet Aaron Singer
Not Your Average Health Coach
About Aaron Singer
Aaron Singer has been a CrossFit Coach for over five years. He and his wife opened a box in Paradise California and provided personal training and nutrition coaching along side group classes.  

Before becoming a CrossFit coach Aaron spent time in the ministry, in the military and in the medical field. After working as a medic in the Air Force, he transitioned to work in the Emergency room in Paradise, California. He was saddened by the fact that the medical system was broken. He looked for an opportunity to help people with their health before they were trapped in the vicious synthetic drug cycle. 

As a coach, he is passionate about helping people achieve their greatest potential. As a former medical professional he understands that health starts with what we put in our bodies.  

He’s excited about helping other coaches, trainers and athletes create a residual income using a science that is proven to help athletes take their health and recovery to the next level. 
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